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Self-Hosted Wakeupsales CRM is the same app as in cloud - just on your servers. Plus it gives you full control of your data.


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From start-ups to medium or large enterprises, Wakeupsales has a package for everyone.

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$599 $999 10 Users One time payment Comes with 1 year Perpetual License

I need help in installing the self-hosted Wakeupsales | version for me | USD 99.00

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$1199 $1599 20 Users One time payment Comes with 1 year Perpetual License

I need help in installing the self-hosted Wakeupsales | version for me | USD 99.00

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$1719 $2299 30 Users One time payment Comes with 1 year Perpetual License

I need help in installing the self-hosted Wakeupsales | version for me | USD 99.00

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$2249 $2999 50 Users One time payment Comes with 1 year Perpetual License

I need help in installing the self-hosted Wakeupsales | version for me | USD 99.00

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$3749 $4999 100 Users One time payment Comes with 1 year Perpetual License

I need help in installing the self-hosted Wakeupsales | version for me | USD 99.00

*All free trials are cloud only. After you buy the self-hosted version, you'll easily move your data to your server and continue where you left off.

Premium Features

The self-hosted package comes bundled with a bunch of powerful pro features.

Sales Pipeline Management
Web to Lead
Project Management
Team Goal Set
and more...
  • Total Control Over Your Environment
  • Single Server Deployment
  • Perpetual License + 1 yr Support
  • Annual Term License
  • + Maintenance
  • AWS Deployment Optimised
One of the Easiest Customer & Sales Management Tool; Ranked #1 by Accurate Reviews. The only CRM tool that can be customized to the core according to your business workflow. Give it a try - we’re sure you and your team will love it.

Major Features

There are so many features that stand out & make Wakeupsales even more powerful.

Sales Automation
Opportunity management, emails, follow ups & billing. Everything automated.
Project Management
Convert your opportunities into a project inside the CRM without depending on a project management tool.
Task Management
Manage all your tasks & take actions.
Sales Pipeline Management
Get a bird's eye-view on all your leads and opportunities arranged as per it's current stage.
Twilio Integration
Your CRM now offers Voice, Video calling & Messaging from the app itself with Twilio!
Email Conversations
Send Email to any contact, access your Email logs & much more.
Website Integration
Convert your website visitors into leads automatically; Wakeupsales has the 'Web to Lead' feature. Isn't it amazing.
Google Calendar
Keep all the activities from your google calendar in sync with your CRM.
Mailchimp Integration
The most popular email marketing platform with Wakeupsales CRM, just for you.
Activity Stream
All the lead activities, tasks updates, contacts email sent etc.
Goal Setting
Set finite but achievable targets both for value/quantity of opportunities for yoyr team & keep tracking the progress.
Email Tracking
Monitor the email deliveries to intended recipients, open time to analyze impact hours etc.

Hardware & Software

The Self-Hosted version requires some basic hardware requirements such as
  • Hardware Requirements:
  • RAM: minimum 2 GB
  • Processor: Core2duo or Higher
  • OS: Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Disk Space: 10 GB or Higher
  • Software Requirements:
  • Ruby: 2.0
  • Rails: 3.2.13
  • MySql
Customer & Sales Management is crucial - you need a tool that adapts to your business flow and your sales team's needs. At all the time!

Installation Manuals

Step-by-step installation guide for some of the most popular Operating Systems to set-up the Self-Hosted Version.
  • Wakeupsales on Linux
    Try it out & see how easily it works with LINUX Operating System
  • Wakeupsales on Windows
    The CRM that runs seamlessly on all windows versions including Win10
  • Wakeupsales on Mac
    Get started with your Self-Hosted Version on your Macintosh OS
  • Wakeupsales on Docker
    Installing Wakeupsales CRM with Docker made easy
  • Customize Wakeupsales
    Few clicks and you are ready to use your Self-Hosted Version in CentOS
  • How to Sync Google calendar
    Complete 360 degree customizable to suit your business needs
  • Wakeupsales on CentOS
    All the steps mentioned to sync your G+ Calendar with Wakeupsales CRM

Your order summary

Details Price(USD)
Self-Hosted Version 10 users
Perpetual License
$ 599
Self-Hosted Support & Maintenance 12 months
Perpetual License
Self-Hosted Installation 10 users
Single Instance
$ 99
Total Price $ 698

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.
What is CRM Software?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is enterprise software that covers a broad set of applications and software to help businesses manage customer data and customer interactions, access business information, run reports, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships.

CRM software is an innovative, cost effective way to work. Businesses using CRM software will enjoy an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs associated with developing effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

CRM software:

  • Maintains a database for all lead, contact, tasks and activity information
  • Helps lead generation and task management from lead through the sale
  • Improves customer service through timely management of all issues
  • And more!
What is Cloud CRM?

Nowadays, newer CRM systems are Cloud CRM, that means that the application and data is all held on the CRM providers’ servers in a datacentre, and accessed via an internet browser. Cloud CRM is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM, online CRM and Web CRM. Cloud has a number of technical and pricing advantages:

  • You don’t need any local servers to run the CRM system on. So there’s no capital cost, no server software and no maintenance.
  • Updates, backups, maintenance all done by the Cloud vendor (that’s us!).
  • Users can access the system from anywhere via the internet e.g. home, office or smartphone.
  • By running thousands of customers’ CRM system on our servers, we get great economies of scale which we can pass on to our customers.
What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the name given to a software application for sales people to help them with the sales process. It includes either contact management or lead management, together with email and diary sharing.

SFA is usually a part of a company’s CRM system that automatically records all the stages in a sales process. The idea is to track all contact that’s been made with a customer, along with the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that may be needed. This might include phone calls, emails and meetings. This ensures that sales efforts are not being duplicated, reducing the risk of irritating customers.

Does the CRM integrate with Accounting Software?

Yes, your CRM ststem can be easily integrated with the online accounting software systems like quickbooks, freshbooks. Setting up CRM accounting software integration means you can seamlessly create and update customer records between your accounting system and CRM so your customer data is always up to date.

The integration also allows you to create invoices directly from the leads screen in your CRM. This means you can email them directly without changing systems. We are also providing you manual invoice process which is completely FREE.

What are the Technical Requirements for the CRM?

Wakeupsales CRM is an online or Cloud CRM system so there are no technical requirements. All you need to use the CRM system is the internet browser that you are using now. There’s no software to instal, so you can use the CRM system on PCs, Macs, iPads and smartphones.

Browsers we support include FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and version 7 and above of Internet Explorer.

DON'T use 5 different tools - Just do a Wakeupsales!