Customize your WakeUpSales

Just the way you want it.

Guide to customize WakeupSales Open Source Edition

How to Customize the dashboard page content

We can customize our dashboard page contents by following below steps.

  1. Go to the settings page. In settings page there is a left side bar with links.
  2. Click on Widgets link. it will display the below screen.

You can uncheck any item which you want to hide from dashboard page.

How to Customize Leads Listing

We can customize our leads listing tabs, Below are the steps.

  1. Go to Leads Listing page.
  2. Click on the right most “+” tab where we can customize our deals listing.

  3. After clicking on “+” tab one popup will come with all leads stages. If you want to add new tabs, or remove one existing tab just check or uncheck the stages finally click on save button. The tab will be change. Below is the screenshot of the popup.

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